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Italian Tailors For Generations

Doge Eleganza Sartoriale is the historic men’s clothing store located in the heart of Udine, in Piazza Giacomo Matteotti.

It was born from the passion inherited from sartorial generations and, in its elegant location, welcomes and dresses the man who needs elegance for every occasion.

In Doge fashion house, between art and refinement, you will find highly qualified professionals who will follow you in choosing the most suitable outfit that fully meets your needs.

Elegance Has No Timetable

Doge Eleganza Sartoriale, with its most elegant clothes, accompanies you on your everyday success.

Doge Eleganza Sartoriale Italiana clothing lineoffers tailor-made suits and shirts that satisfy every fit, thanks to a wide selection of ‘drops’. The utmost refinement and attention to every detail wants to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Our products are all of the highest quality, created with fine fabrics from the best Italian wool mills, such as Reda, Cerruti, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Fratelli Tallia Delfino and Carlo Barbera.

In the Doge Fashion House you can also find a wide selection of accessories such as ties, bow ties, clutch bags and belts, all exclusively Made in Italy.


Many think that the shirt is a garment. It isn’t. It’s a business card.

Doge Eleganza Sartoriale accompanies you with style even in your free time. A vast assortment of jackets, knitwear, shirts, trousers and accessories will create the ‘comfortable and casual’ outfit you need for your daily life.

For the colder seasons, important knitwear factories offer elegant pullovers, jackets and accessories made with fine Mongolian cashmere.

Elegance Is A Timeless Garment

For the wedding day choose style and sophistication: wear an elegant and truly unique outfit. A suit made by skilled hands with a jacket in fresh wool, silk and fine fabric; a solid colour vest and trousers with different wearability; a shirt with specially made fabric and French cuffs embellished with superb cufflinks; silk tie or bow tie. Shoes and belt in patent or fine leather will complete the look for your special day.


Accessories are the necessary punctuation to articulate the sentences of your own style.

At Doge Eleganza Sartoriale you will find an assorted range of high quality accessories that will give the right touch to make your style unique. Elegant ties, colourful clutch bags, scarves and leather belts that cannot be missing in your wardrobe.


"Today it is possible to confuse a sculptor with a tailor, because they both create shapes."

What does ‘drop’ mean? The technical definition is very simple: the drop is the difference between the semicircumference of the chest and that of the waist and serves to make the choice of a suit more balanced. It allows to customize the cut and therefore exponentially improves the fit of both your jacket and trousers. The drop therefore lets us to choose with confidence the perfect suit for any body structure, ensuring an overall balance between chest, waist and height.

In the Doge Fashion House you will find a wide choice between ‘drop 6’ (normal shape), ‘drop 7/8’ (slim shape) and ‘drop 4’ (sturdy/muscular shape), able to satisfy any type of height.

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